The Limapela Foundation

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The Onesimus Scholarship Programme

Some students achieve exceptional results at school. Many have aspirations to continue with their education, but their parents cannot afford the fees, let alone the other costs involved. The Onesimus Fund was established under Limapela in 2013 by one of our trustees, Rev Dr Rob Bellingham.


  1. To identify potential for academic success among deserving Zambian students from poor backgrounds.
  2. To ensure that such students do not forfeit educational opportunities because of poverty.
  3. To empower these students by helping to cover their educational costs at secondary school, college or university. These costs might include tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other student requirements.
  4. To foster personal connections between sponsors and the Onesimus Fund recipients.

Sponsorship Payments

100% of your sponsorship payments are sent to Limapela Development in Zambia and credited to the Onesimus Fund. Limapela oversees the disbursement of funds to cover the various costs of the students. No administrative fees are deducted, and none of the sponsorship payments go to the family of the student. This is to ensure that your sponsorship payments are used responsibly. The needs of each student vary according to the college and course they have chosen.

You may continue sponsoring your Onesimus student for the full length of that student’s course. When he or she completes, we will invite you to transfer your sponsorship to another student, otherwise you may stop your sponsorship payments. Feel free to write to your sponsored student at any time. Limapela will provide an email address or WhatsApp contact number. We send an up-to-date photo each year. We encourage you also to send a photo of yourself.