The Limapela Foundation

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Fee Sponsorship Programme

All parents and guardians at Limapela Schools pay school fees which are set at rates that most parents can afford. These fees are very low and do not cover the true cost of educating the child.

Fee Sponsorship Objectives

  1. To provide regular income to cover the true educational costs for the children. These costs include teachers’ salaries, books and materials.
  2. To reduce the financial burden for especially needy families. When a child is sponsored, the fees charged to the parents are reduced by 50%.
  3. To keep children in school who otherwise might be excluded because of non-payment of fees.
  4. To foster personal connections between sponsors and the project through their interest in their sponsored child.

Where Do Sponsorship Payments Go?

100% of your sponsorship payments is sent to Limapela Development in Zambia and credited to school running costs. No administrative fees are deducted, and none of the sponsorship payments go to the family of the child. This is to ensure that your sponsorship payments are spent responsibly.

Sponsoring a Child

You may continue sponsoring your child (or children) for as long as the child is at the school. If the child leaves the school, we will invite you to transfer your sponsorship to another child, otherwise you are free to stop your sponsorship payments.

Feel free to write to your child at any time. Please send by email to We encourage you also to send a photo of yourself. The children write to their sponsors at least once per year, although sometimes they write more often. We send an up-to-date photo each year. Remember that our children do not have a good grasp of English, so writing a letter can be quite a challenge.