The Limapela Foundation

Quality education for Zambia based on Christian values

Limapela Activities in Zambia

Limapela Cedric’s School

This school was established in Kamfinsa in 1979 by British settler famer Cedric Whittemore. Limapela Development purchased the school in 2009. 400 pupils from the local area are enrolled in Preschool through Grade 9. Limapela employs 16 qualified Zambian teachers and two administrative staff members.

Luyando Community School

Luyando was established as a Community School by the Give Hope Trust at Kamafwesa Village, near Ndola, in 2006. Limapela was invited by Give Hope in 2013 to take over the administration of the school. 330 pupils from the local area are enrolled in Preschool through Grade 7, taught by 10 qualified Zambian teachers.

The Onesimus Scholarship Programme

This programme was established by trustee Rob Bellingham in 2013 to assist high achieving students from poorer homes who have aspirations to continue their studies at secondary school, college or university, but who do not have money to pay the costs.

The Kafakumba Singers

Matthew Raymond has directed this young people’s worship and performance choir at Life Community Church in Baluba since 2013. As well as musical and performance training, Matthew and his wife Alison provide a safe and supportive environment for these young people, most of whom live in poorer local compounds. More than 25% of them are orphans or are disadvantaged in other ways.

Compassion Outreach

Limapela supports a number of orphans and vulnerable young people who are not enrolled in either of the Limapela schools. These people typically need assistance with school fees, food, clothing and medical treatment. They often feel unloved, so care and compassion from Limapela staff is important.

Medical Fund

From time to time our children and young people need medical treatment, and sometimes there are accidents or emergencies. Our schools have no clinics or medical personnel, so patients are referred usually to medical practitioners and privately run medical centres.

Income-Generating Projects

Achieving the ideal of self-sufficiency has proved elusive since Limapela began in 2009. However, we continue to run income generating projects, such as gardens and rental accommodation. These projects provide employment and training for a number of Zambian general workers, and profits serve to supplement donor funding sent for school running costs.

Building and Infrastructure Development

As the schools have developed and expanded, quality buildings and infrastructure have been necessary in both schools. Our philosophy has been that children from poor homes should enjoy a school environment that is of similar standard to those found in wealthy areas.