The Limapela Foundation

Quality education for Zambia based on Christian values

About the Limapela Foundation


The Limapela Foundation seeks to advance humanitarian aid in Africa specifically for the benefit of education in poorer communities in Zambia with a focus on young people.

The Foundation was founded by people who were motivated by their faith to have concern for development needs in Africa and wanted to provide humanitarian support to children there. The founders came from a variety of faith based interdenominational Christian backgrounds.

The Foundation was registered in New Zealand in June 2008 as a charitable entity and remains registered (Registration No. CC32616) under the New Zealand Charities Act 2005. Limapela is also incorporated with Companies Office since 15 May 2008 in New Zealand (Companies office number 2132843 and NZBN 9429043185313).

Our Vision


Limapela has three directors in Zambia: Robert Kilembo (Chairman), Prudence Muchimba (Treasurer), and Matthew Raymond (Managing Director), all approved by The Limapela Foundation in New Zealand to oversee all local projects, ensuring that the Limapela aims and objectives are pursued.

Matthew Raymond, who holds dual nationality (New Zealand and British), was born in Zambia (then known as Northern Rhodesia) and completed his primary education in the North Western Province. He and his wife Alison, who is also a New Zealand citizen, have had more than 14 years previous experience in Africa and 11 years on the ground with Limapela until early 2021. So they have a good understanding of the educational needs of the country. Matthew’s role is that of Managing Director, liaising with all stakeholders, and he is answerable to both the Board of Trustees in New Zealand and the Board of Directors in Zambia.

Limapela Development now employs and pays 38 Zambian nationals, including 26 qualified teachers, who are assisted in their duties from time to time by expatriate and local volunteers.


All Limapela activities are funded by generous donors in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and the USA. Approximately 75% of Limapela’s donor income is from New Zealand. The success of the work should not be measured only in financial terms. Countless young Zambian lives have been affected for the good. Annual financial summaries can be found on the Charities Services Register (Registration No. CC32616).