The Limapela Foundation

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Medical Fund

Limapela Development has some 750 pupils enrolled in two schools in the Copperbelt Province: Limapela Cedric’s School in Kamfinsa, Kitwe, and Luyando Community School at Kafubu Dam, near Ndola. These pupils range from 4 to 20 years of age. Limapela also provides in various ways for the needs of other underprivileged young people in the area who are not enrolled in these schools.

Government run clinics and hospitals are generally not well equipped, so when our young people need medical attention we are often not confident that they will receive the treatment they need. We would love to own and operate an independent medical facility, and maybe that will become possible one day, but in the meantime we rely on privately run clinics and hospitals. Thankfully, all our medical costs since the Limapela Foundation began in 2008 have been covered by generous donors.


  1. To identify the medical needs of our young people early, to prevent needless suffering and to avoid disability.
  2. To acquire effective treatment for each patient from the best medical facilities available to us.
  3. To identify donors who have a heart for those who suffer in poor communities.
  4. To encourage donors to contribute to the treatment costs of individual sick children and to develop personal connections with them.

Medical Donations

Each medical case is different, so treatment costs may vary widely. Medical needs are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and Limapela oversees the disbursement of all medical funds appropriately. No administrative fees are deducted, although medical funds may be used to help cover some non-medical costs such as transport, food and family support.

Donors often contribute to the needs of a specific patient when we appeal for funding. However, we also welcome those donors who would like to contribute a specific regular amount to be held in the Medical Fund to cover emergencies as they arise.