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March 2023

At the last minute, because of a sudden deterioration in Alison’s mother’s health, Alison decided to postpone her departure from New Zealand until 10 March. I flew out on 16 February as planned, and enjoyed breaks in Brisbane and Dubai en route.

The following is an informal account of the five days since arriving in Zambia. Nothing has been highly unusual, and I am happy to see how smoothly all has been going since I left in November. Little of this would be possible without your ongoing interest, prayers and support.

Friday 24th ...

Gershom, Glad, Joseph and Nivia arrive for work at 7:00 am and greet me enthusiastically. “You have gained weight!” Whether I have or not is immaterial — this is a compliment in Zambia. I spend too long unpacking and getting the house organised. But good to see that everything is clean and tidy, including the gardens and lawns. I have promised the workers a bonus if I arrive back to find everything looking nice. Now they want it straight away!

I drive to Luanshya in the afternoon to get money from the ATM and do some grocery shopping. Kondwani, who is on mid-term break, meets me there and we collect Cleopatra from her college so that she can come home to Baluba for the weekend.

Saturday 25th ...

While in New Zealand I completed a contemporary Mass for Palm Sunday. So I spend the morning finalising and printing the music for the Kafakumba Singers practice in the afternoon. Wonderful to find 25 singers there, all ready to start singing again after my three-month absence. They sing really well, but I discover that one of my PA speakers has failed. That will need to be repaired – but by whom?

Sunday 26th ...

Early choir practice before service is spoiled only by latecomers. Persuading our young people to be punctual is an ongoing challenge in Zambia. But they sing enthusiastically and Pastor Nate gives a good message on the subject of Temptation. The power goes off just before the final hymn, so we sing a cappella — surprisingly well.

After a quick morning tea, Kirsty, Ruth and I set off for Chingola with Kondwani and Lusungu, who need to get back to school in Musenga. Lunch at Hungry Lion, then to Tobias and Carola Schempp for coffee and catchup, and to collect the new Limapela vehicle which arrived while I was away. Kirsty sets off for Kafakumba straight away so that she can be on time for Youth Group at 3:00 pm. Ruth and I drop Kondwani and Lusungu at school. I can see that Kondwani is determined not to cry this time when we say goodbye.

Monday 27th ...

We leave for Limapela Cedric’s at 7:30. Kirsty starts her PE lessons, Ruth observes and I do the rounds. A tough staff discipline meeting looms this afternoon. I go to town to get money and run some errands. Time over lunch at Spur to answer some emails (no one disturbs me), then back to school. The meeting goes as well as can be expected, and we leave for home at 3:00 pm. I am exhausted, but I still manage a run with Kirsty, who seems to have boundless energy. Ruth has taken some super photos at school today.

Tuesday 28th ...

Pay day tomorrow, so I am finalising the pay sheet this morning. Tomorrow I will go over to Luyando to visit everyone at the school. Two employees over there need their wages in cash.

— Matthew Raymond


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