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February 2023

This month we write from a very wet and stormy Auckland. A state of emergency was declared on Friday after unprecedented rainfall caused landslides and flooding that destroyed or damaged many homes in the region and killed four people. After being in town that day, we were unable to get home to Huia for the night, and then when we did succeed in getting home, the power was off for the remainder of the day. We are prepared for such emergencies in Africa, but not in NZ!

However, for all of this, we have enjoyed a longer leave and Christmas in New Zealand with family members.


Schools opened in Zambia on 9 January for the 2023 academic year. Our head teachers have been busy enrolling new pupils and getting classes organised. Limapela Cedric’s has a total of 405 enrolled at the moment. We were very pleased to hear that all 44 of our Grade 9 pupils at Limapela Cedric’s passed their National ECZ Grade 9 exams in November.

We need more fee sponsors. Our monthly sponsorship contribution is NZ$ 30 per month per child. See Fee Sponsorship for information about this programme, and contact us if you would like to join it.

School Feeding Programme

Special thanks once again to Paul and Welma Els of Shema Skills Training & Development for the new feeding programme. They started it at Luyando late last year, and at Limapela in January. Their organisation is funding it completely, for which we are grateful.

Volunteers and Visitors

New Zealander Kirsty Lickfold has been holding the fort for us in Zambia during our absence in New Zealand. In addition to her duties in schools and the local Kafakumba community, she has been managing hospitality at Limapela Lodge for an increasing number of guests who need overnight accommodation.

Her most arduous challenge in December was coping with a long power outage. The local power company ZESCO had installed a new meter incorrectly, and it took four days to identify and rectify the fault. In the meantime water could not be pumped and thawing foodstuffs in the freezers had to be used quickly. We gather that our young people and our workers enjoyed quite a feast! We expect to arrive back in Zambia on 23 February. Kirsty’s mother, Ruth Lickfold, will be travelling with us for a three-week visit with Kirsty in Zambia. Straight after Ruth’s visit we will welcome Bill and Cassie Bauson and Cassie’s sister Connie from Indiana, USA, for a short visit. The Bausons worked at Kafakumba some years ago, and during that time we became close friends.

Onesimus Scholarship Programme

This week I have been paying tuition and boarding fees for our Onesimus scholars — one at secondary school in Ndola and three at universities in Lusaka. The programme has been generously funded by a few individual donors, but costs are high, so if this programme interests you we invite you to contribute. See Onesimus Fund for more details.

Our thanks to you all for your continuing interest, prayers and support.

— Alison and Matthew Raymond


Owen Simajulu
Age: 9, Grade: 2
Given Kunda
Age: 11, Grade: 2
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