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October 2022

Wonderful to have all nine of our teacher vacancies filled in both schools in time for the start of the school term. Luyando is registered as a Community School, with Government being one of the stake-holders. Interestingly, the Ministry of Education has now appointed two teachers to Luyando on Government payroll, one of them being Brenda Nyirenda, one of our existing staff members whom we would otherwise have lost to a government school. The gain is two-fold — Mrs Nyirenda, who has some 10 years’ experience at Luyando, is staying on, and now Government will be paying her salary, as well as that of the other new teacher.

Running costs can be quite a challenge. We realise that global uncertainties this year have affected everyone one way or another, however this month we bring a direct Limapela appeal to you and all our donors. 75% of all Limapela donations come from New Zealanders. But a steadily weakening New Zealand dollar, together with a steadily strengthening Zambian Kwacha over the past year have resulted in a significant drop in local income to cover Limapela expenses here in Zambia.

Jesus taught that we should not worry about these things, and I try not to do that! But he also taught, “Ask and it will be given to you.” So if you are a regular donor, we now ask if you would consider increasing your monthly donations. And if you are part of our Fee Sponsorship Programme, could you also persuade some of your friends to join and increase the overall number of children under sponsorship? See more information about our various programmes. I will mention medical needs, which have increased disproportionately. When children get sick, we can’t ignore it!

Ceramic floor tiling at Luyando is all but complete, thanks to a generous NZ donor, and as expected, teachers and pupils alike are very pleased. What a difference it has made to the look of the classrooms!

The Kafakumba Singers received a wonderful welcome at Chengelo School over the weekend of 10 September. We presented a substantial programme on both nights, and the Chengelo pupils responded with great enthusiasm. We have been asked to return in July 2023.

Our Limapela Anniversary Celebrations will be held on Saturday 13 May 2023. The 10th Anniversary, scheduled for 2020, was postponed because of COVID-19. Do let us know if you are interested in attending.

We are now actively seeking a long-term expatriate Liaison Management Volunteer to coordinate between the New Zealand Foundation and Limapela Development projects in Zambia. Please Contact Us for more information.

Once again, our grateful thanks to you all for your interest, support and prayers.


Gaudencia Matanyela
Age: 9, Grade: 2
Daniel Mkandawire
Age: 9, Grade: 2
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