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June 2022

We are now enjoying the most pleasant season in Zambia, with clear skies and cooler temperatures. There is usually no rain between May and October so outdoor activities can be held without a thought for the weather.

We accepted an invitation to take the Kafakumba Singers to sing at the Lambaland Sports Day organised by Foundation for Cross Cultural Education (FCE) in Masaiti on Saturday 21 May. Performing outdoors to a large crown can present challenges, but we were provided with a large canvas gazebo which improved the acoustics and kept the sun off our heads. Next Sunday we will sing for a Family Worship Service at Amano Christian School at Musenga and stay on for lunch with the pupils, teachers and community members. We are grateful to a faithful donor in the USA who covers all the expenses for these activities that are so enjoyable for our young people and where they are able to meet and share their musical achievements.

Volunteer teacher Kirsty Lickfold has thrown herself into all things Limapela with admirable ability and confidence. She is spending time in both schools, as well as with the Kafakumba Singers and other young people in the Baluba / Fisenge communities. I often ask people who are new to Africa what their shocks have been during their first few weeks. One of Kirsty’s was seeing the way in which a marketeer handled a live chicken that she was trying to sell — deftly, but none too gently!

Both our schools are running very smoothly. The dry weather and an unusually healthy bank balance last month have made it possible to work on long overdue paved stone paths at Limapela and both interior and exterior painting at Luyando. I would very much like to have ceramic tiles laid on all eight classroom floors at Luyando, but that bank balance is not now quite so healthy! We will need around NZ$ 5,300, but the end result will be well worth the expense, as we have already found at Limapela, where all floors are now tiled.

On the medical front, sadly, our 11-year old Limapela pupil Demerycia Malama has had to have further surgery on both eyes to correct what has turned out to be a recurring condition. Dr Kwendakwema has generously performed the surgery free of charge this time, for which we are all grateful. Medical needs crop up often without warning, and treatment can be expensive, so we are grateful to those who have donated to this department.

Once again, our grateful thanks to you all for your interest, support and prayers.

— Matthew and Alison Raymond


Head Teacher — Luyando Community School

From way back I knew my mission on earth was to disciple people through education. After being trained as a missionary teacher in a cross-cultural setup with the Foundation for Cross Cultural Education School (FCE) in Masaiti, I ventured to offer my services in schools where God led and opened doors for me.

My coming to Luyando Community School in December 2012 was at a time when great transitions where taking place at the school. Being part of it has been both challenging and rewarding over the years. I’ve since experienced different seasons at Luyando, each with its own lessons, rebukes and encouragements. I’ve an adage I live by “One day at a time” and it has carried me through to date.

Great joy comes along yearly when children excel from one level of educational enlightenment to the next. Seeing them later go to junior secondary school then over to secondary school brings a greater sense of accomplishment. Team work amongst the staff has been a vital thing but above all God has proven His faithfulness daily.

The greatest challenge has been the failure to get children with great potential to go through with their education. Dropping out of school from early grades, teen marriages and child labour continue to be problems to date. I could have left a long time ago but continue to stay because I know that there is still that one person who needs to experience and encounter God through education.