The Limapela Foundation

Quality education for Zambia based on Christian values

April 2022

While in New Zealand last year I bought a new camera. It is far more sophisticated than the old one, so it should take far better photos. But of course, as every serious photographer will tell you, getting a really good shot has more to do with the skill of the photographer than the capabilities of the equipment. And capturing that magic moment with children is more often by chance.

We have tried over the years to provide for our Limapela pupils the best of quality in terms of buildings and equipment. My question has always been — just because children come from poor communities, should we provide them with poor classrooms and equipment? Now, thanks to your support, we have done very well in meeting this objective over the past 12 years. However, like the expensive camera that will not take good photos on its own, quality education depends on the skill and commitment of our people working in these classrooms.

Some of our teachers are sharing classrooms and are coming to teach in the afternoon session. This is not ideal, so we plan to build a new block of three classrooms for our lower primary department at Limapela Cedric’s at a projected cost of NZ$ 150,000. If we could raise double that amount we would build the same at Luyando.

Limapela needs continue to grow — increased school enrolment, medical, the Onesimus Fund, orphans and the vulnerable, the Kafakumba Singers, infrastructure — the list goes on. Ndola eye specialist Dr Davison Kwendakwema came voluntarily to Limapela Cedric’s recently and screened all of our pupils. Several need surgery and a few need glasses. Without Dr Kwendakwema we would have remained oblivious to these needs, so we are grateful to him. Contact me if you would like to contribute to our medical fund.

9 youngsters eagerly joined the Kafakumba Singers this term and are learning to cope with choir disciplines. Some of our older and more established choir members needed to be reminded that they too were once 12 years of age! The choir will sing Easter music in the open air in the Luanshya town centre on Good Friday, then at Ndola Christian Fellowship on Easter Sunday.

In a world that looks increasingly insecure, and as we find ourselves surrounded by selfishness, greed, treachery and violence, let me list just a few things here in Zambia for which we are grateful to our Heavenly Father:

  • A country at peace.
  • A new government that seems to be concentrating more on the needs of its citizens.
  • A good wet season that promises good harvests.
  • Despite low vaccination rates, the spectre of COVID-19 is now largely out of sight.
  • Goods and services that remain available.

Once again, our grateful thanks to you all for your interest, support and prayers.

— Matthew and Alison Raymond