The Limapela Foundation

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10 October 2020

We had planned a 10th Anniversary for Limapela in April. Five visitors from overseas had already booked their air travel when the coronavirus crisis began, so what a disappointment when they had to cancel! This month it is 11 years since Limapela began in Zambia with the purchase of Cedric’s School, but anniversary celebrations are still not possible. Anyway, maybe 12 years would be a more appropriate Biblical number to celebrate next year.

Schools had to close at the end of March, then in June Grades 7, 9 and 12 were allowed to resume, and COVID-19 restrictions notwithstanding, our teaching programme for Grades 7 and 9 has gone well. Our staff were kept busy, and we were able to keep paying them every month.

To our surprise, two weeks ago, the Government gave the go-ahead for all schools to open fully. We suspect children and their parents had got tired of the closure, as they returned quite enthusiastically on 21 September, though face masks, disinfectant, washing and distancing are still required. Happily, the pandemic has still not become the crisis that was feared here in Zambia.

This term is not now term 3 but term 2 and the 2020 academic year will end in March 2021. This will be confusing, but what is clear is that we all have some catching up to do!

— Matthew Raymond, trustee

An Overview of Limapela

  • Limapela Cedric’s School in Kamfinsa, with 420 pupils in Preschool through Grade 9.
  • Luyando Community School at Kamafwesa Village, with 330 in Preschool through Grade 7.
  • The Onesimus Scholarship Programme for a few deserving tertiary students.
  • Income-Generating Projects, including gardens and rental accommodation.
  • Building and Infrastructure development is ongoing in both schools.
  • The Kafakumba Singers, a young people’s choir at Life Community Church in Baluba.
  • Compassion Outreach for specific needy orphans and vulnerable families, with 15 people under our umbrella at present.
  • Medical Needs as they arise amongst our many children and young people.

In Africa the needs can be overwhelming, and we seem to do no more than scratch the surface. Zambia’s economy is not healthy. Schools, clinics and social services are no more able to provide for Zambia’s 18 million people than they were 11 years ago. So, no, our work should not come to an end! Nor the many NGOs like ours that do similar work. So thank you for supporting us, especially throughout the past six months which have been financially difficult for so many, and please keep giving. You may choose from the above list and earmark your donation.

Would you sponsor Fostina Siakamwi? She is in Grade 4 and is 11 years of age. Contact us for information about our fee sponsorship programme.