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8 April 2019

This is called a Progress Report, and I often find myself asking, how can we assess our progress honestly and accurately for you, the reader? Well, we always hope that the photos we send will tell their own story. But the photos can’t show the fact that every pupil in Grade 9 at Limapela Cedric’s passed their National ECZ exams last November, nor can they easily show the large number of parents who waited patiently on the lawns in January, hoping to enrol new children. It is encouraging to see the demand, but being inclusive becomes a challenge when places are limited.

Grade 7 pupils
Grade 7 pupils at Luyando Community School

Overall, I feel that the organisation is in good heart, and so are the schools. But our needs continue to grow, so please dig deep!

One or two have expressed concern about the intention of the Raymonds to retire within the next few years. Although we have January 2021 in mind for this to happen, we hasten to assure you that we expect to continue our commitment to Limapela. We may be based in New Zealand, but we intend to visit Zambia regularly and to continue to be responsible for publicity, promotion and fundraising. Moves are taking place at the moment to delegate leadership responsibilities to reliable people here in Zambia. The Limapela Foundation trustees in New Zealand and the Limapela Development Directors in Zambia will, as always, maintain the integrity of Limapela and its accountability to all supporters.

Many thank the Raymonds for what they do, but the Raymonds are only agents. We do it together as a very large team, in response to a very much higher calling. “Happy are those who are concerned for the poor; the Lord will help them when they are in trouble.” —Psalm 41:1 (GNT)

— Matthew F. Raymond, trustee

Electrician working
Electrician Liberty Muyamba working on the new Secondary Classroom Block at Limapela Cedric’s