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10 January 2018

Limapela Christmas Greetings

It was a good finish to our school year. Luyando Head Teacher Frankie Mumba graduated with a B.Ed. from FCE University, Grades 7 and 9 pupils sat their national exams, Limapela Cedric’s pupils cleaned up all the rubbish on our road, and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) filmed the Kafakumba Singers at Steurys’ farm as they sang the Christmas musical The Rising of His Star that I wrote specially for them last year. We now await exam results and relax a little as we celebrate the birth of Jesus at this special time of year.

Kafakumba Singers

We would like to thank you all for your interest, support and prayers this year. Alison and I were glad to have a break together in New Zealand in September and October. Since surgery, Alison’s health is very much better, and although my hearing is still impaired, I have pretty well recovered from the head injury I sustained in June when we were attacked by stone-throwing rioters in Kitwe. On a personal level, it has been a tough year, nonetheless we have been encouraged in many ways, and the difficulties we have faced remind us that many others here in Africa face much greater challenges in their lives than we do.

Warm but wet Christmas greetings from a rainy and green Zambia.

Limapela school child
Limapela school children
Luyando Head Teacher graduation