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6 June 2017

It is now nearly 8 years since we set up Limapela in Zambia and started work with the boys and girls and their teachers at Limapela Cedric’s School. It was a great leap of faith at the time, and as we look back, we are grateful to our Heavenly Father for ensuring that all our needs have been met as the organisation has grown and its activities expanded. Many of you have played a big part in this, and a simple word of thanks does not seem to be sufficient! Nonetheless, we trust that your interest and support has given you joy and a sense of fulfilment.

Legal Status Of Limapela In Zambia

We mentioned this as a concern in December, so it is good to report that the situation has now been resolved satisfactorily. We continue to operate as a Company Limited by Guarantee, but have decided against registering as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Not charging fees is a PBO condition, but we have felt from the outset that everyone should pay a little for what they receive. The tax authorities here in Zambia have been supportive, and will now assess the company annually for company tax, ensuring of course that all donations and profits are ploughed into the schools, so that no tax will be payable.

Grade 6 girls
Grade 6 girls in class at Limapela Cedric’s

Limapela Cedric’s School

We were very pleased that 58 out of 61 passed their ECZ Grade 9 exams last year. We have welcomed a number of new teachers at both schools this year, and we thank all our teachers, as it is they who take charge of the learning in the classrooms. All our classes are full this year, and we have two classes each in Grades 5, 6 and 8.

Last December the school made a concerted effort to clean up the nearby roadsides. So it was pertinent that Zambia National Broadcasting came to visit last month as part of their efforts towards a cleaner Zambia. Our students and staff were interviewed for television about our efforts generally to keep the environment clean.

Cedric Whittemore, founder of the school in 1979, passed away last year on 14 October after a long period of declining health. He is remembered with affection by us, and by the community at large, for his generous spirit.

We were reminded of ever-present dangers last month when a Grade 5 pupil, Gift Kalombo, died after being bitten by a snake near his home. We grieve with his family.

Luyando Community School

Two Rotary Districts in the USA have made very generous pledges towards the Rotary Global Grant application for the Luyando Ablution Block project, meaning that the fundraising is now fully subscribed, and surplus funding may be available for books and IT equipment at Limapela Cedric’s under a Rotary District Grant. Alison and I plan to travel to the US next year to thank the Rotary Districts there in person.

Improved sanitation at Luyando will be very welcome. Most of these children have never used anything better than a pit latrine, and running water and showers will be much enjoyed by them all.

The staff at Luyando were delighted to receive a truckload of books and resources from the Ndola Ladies’ Circle last term. When support comes from within Zambia we are much encouraged.

Football tournament
Football tournament at the Levi Mwanawasa Stadium in February


It has been difficult to make profits, given Zambia’s depressed economy over the past couple of years. So we have scaled back somewhat, and are continuing with projects that have shown more promise. Profits or not, providing employment and livelihood is a good outcome.

— Matthew F. Raymond, trustee