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1 August 2016

We call this a progress report, but how do we assess progress accurately within our different activities — Limapela Cedric’s School, Luyando Community School, the Kafakumba Singers and various agribusiness efforts? Very easy to assess according to exam results, or by what we see, or according to the opinions of those involved. But how do we assess development in our young people, especially in such intangible areas of wisdom, conviction, integrity and responsibility? For these, I guess we accept progress as a matter of faith, the results of which will be seen in the future.

Alison and I have so enjoyed recent contact with some of our former pupils from earlier days in other schools, some of them now well into their thirties. It is wonderful to see how these pupils have turned out — talented, able and responsible adults who are now contributing to their own communities in very commendable ways, both in Africa and abroad.

But in the meantime I hope these photos will tell their own story. There are many other unsung Zambian Limapela heroes, and we must pay special tribute to Frankie Mumba, Head Teacher at Luyando Community School, Newteddy Mwanza, Head Teacher at Limapela Cedric’s, Business Manager Sarah Gondwe and Farm Manager Davie Zhita at Limapela Cedric’s.

We all send greetings and thanks for your interest and support.

– Matthew F. Raymond, trustee

Ntiusya Mutala
Our new admin assistant Ntiusya Mutala with her daughter Debbie. Prior to qualifying in Sociology at Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, Ntiusya was a pupil at Sakeji School, then at Chengelo. She is a talented singer and musician, for which I think I can take some credit!
Kafakumba Singers
The Kafakumba Singers performing at Chengelo School this month. What an adventure for them to travel three hours from their own communities to share their music at one of Zambia’s best schools!
Felix Chanda
Farm Manager Felix Chanda in the vegetable garden at Baluba. Felix trained in agriculture at the Foundation for Cross Cultural Education (FCE) in Masaiti. He now has over 4,000 cabbages growing, as well as a number of other vegetables. All looks very good, but the test will be in the sales. In today’s economic climate in Zambia, it is proving difficult to make profits.
Sports day
Sports Day at Limapela Cedric’s School. Our teachers organised a very enjoyable day and it was good to see so many pupils participating.
Farm manager house
Thanks to a group of very generous private donors, this house for Felix Chanda is nearly finished. Felix expects to move in with his wife Juliet and their children very soon.