The Limapela Foundation

Quality education for Zambia based on Christian values

18 March 2016


Pray For Us

Limapela is a faith-based organisation and you are in community with us. Together with our Zambian staff we value your prayers to be able to achieve, by God’s grace, what some say is impossible.

Fee Sponsorship

A total of 800 children are enrolled this year in our two schools — Limapela Cedric’s and Luyando Community. Would you like to help cover the cost of educating one of these children? Please contact us for more information. The Luyando sponsorship amount is UK£25 per month. Limapela monthly sponsorship amounts are as follows:

New ZealandNZ$25
Boys near Insaka

Salary Sponsorship

We now employ 27 teachers and admin staff in the two schools. An average Limapela salary is approximately the equivalent of NZ$315 per month. Salary sponsorship is more likely to appeal to a group such as a club or a church home-group. If ten people in the group commit to it, the following monthly payments per teacher will be very manageable.

New ZealandNZ$300

Luyando Ablution Block

We are delighted that the Rotary Clubs of Canberra and Kitwe have taken on this project at an estimated cost of NZ$138,500 (US$92,400). It will be a very similar facility to that built at Limapela two years ago by Rotary. All donations to Rotary for these projects are matched — for every dollar received, Rotary International will donate 50 cents.

Limapela Cedric’s Library and IT

This facility is now set up and in use by the children and staff. We have some books, 10 computers and 8 iPads. Computer Studies is now included in the Zambian curriculum for Grades 8 and 9, and with classes of 30, obviously we need funding for more computers, hardware and software.

House for Chanda

Farm Manager’s House

This is under construction now. We have budgeted NZ$72,000 (US$48,000) and 52% of this has been donated to date.

Limapela Classroom Block

This project has been on the drawing board for two years now, at an estimated cost of NZ$107,800 (US$70,000). So far, NZ$5,000 has been raised. Other projects have taken precedence, but with a growing roll, we clearly need more classrooms!

— Matthew F. Raymond, trustee