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15 September 2013

The Limapela Foundation started in 2008 with a single donation of NZ$250 from a friend and colleague who had worked with us in Zambia in the 90s. I now look on that donation as symbolic of the mustard seed that Jesus talked about. Five years later the generous giving amounting to more than NZ$1.3 million from so many of you has made it possible for our Zambian children to roost in the ever-growing branches of the mustard tree as beneficiaries of daily lessons, books, water, electric power and so many other things.

Funding received for Limapela capital projects has been very pleasing over these five years. But on the less-than-rosy side, this year we have fallen behind in covering our monthly running costs. More infrastructure has resulted in increasing repairs and maintenance costs — predictably, you might say. Limapela Cedric’s School has grown, and salaries and wages have continued to increase, which is right and proper.

So this month I would like to encourage you to support these monthly needs. The most effective way of doing this is through our Fee Sponsorship Programme. At present, out of the 350 pupils on the Limapela Cedric’s roll, 206 pupils are sponsored. We need to find the necessary funding to educate the remainder. The NZ$20.00 cost of sponsoring one child is little more than the cost of coffee and muffins for two in a cafe, but if we find sponsors for 100 more children this will contribute an additional $2,000 per month to cover the current shortfall. Some of our early sponsors have opted to stick with the original monthly payments of NZ$12 per child, but could we persuade you to increase this to $20 per child?

Class trip to Cedric’s Farm
Class trip to Cedric’s Farm

On the other hand, you might prefer to set up automatic monthly donations through your bank earmarked for another purpose such as teachers’ salaries, maintenance or administrative costs.

You might well ask if self-sufficiency is beginning to make a difference, and the answer to that is — yes, just! Our business friends will be quick to remind us that turning a profit is not as easy as it sounds, and this has been true in these early days of chickens, vegetables and bananas. Our agri-business projects will need to expand considerably over the next few years before we see profits really contributing significantly to our running costs.

In the meantime, would you consider supporting Limapela on a regular basis? We in the developed world are blessed with so much, but the families of our boys and girls here in Zambia have so little. Knowing that you have made a difference can bring immense satisfaction and joy. Contact me ( with your queries or if you need details to set up your plan of regular giving. May God bless you!

— Matthew F. Raymond, Trustee