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29 July 2013

Recruiting suitable teachers has been a real challenge since Limapela started in Zambia in 2009. The Zambian government has stepped up its recruitment of teachers for government schools, and is improving remuneration. This is reducing the number of available teachers for schools like ours. So we are becoming aware that we may need to engage one or two more expatriate volunteer teachers. If you are a qualified teacher and this interests you, please get in touch with us.

A more far-reaching solution is to assist in the training of young Zambians at good colleges. Last month we were pleased to send off two young men to the Foundation for Cross Cultural Education for their Christian Discipleship course, which is a prerequisite for teacher training at FCE. Limapela and Give Hope International are assisting with the training costs, and we are confident this will be a life changing experience for these two candidates. They will be bonded to Limapela and Luyando if they complete the teacher training over a four-year period.

Building Projects

Luyando Community School

Around 370 children are enrolled at present, and this year is the first for a grade 7 class, who will sit their National Grade 7 exams in November. Head Teacher Frankie Mumba is doing an excellent job with her team of teachers in improving teaching standards and bringing some satisfaction and stability to a troubled and disadvantaged community.


Some 1,300 chickens are laying happily every day now, and Cleopatra’s tomatoes are selling well. Farmers and business people will be quick to remind us that to make money we need to spend money! The chicken project has been expensive, but if we continue to manage things well, significant profits should be just around the corner. These will help cover our monthly school expenses. It has been a delight to see jobs created and real enthusiasm amongst our employees as they do their work.

— Matthew F. Raymond, Trustee