The Limapela Foundation

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29 October 2012

Thank you all for your interest and support. Three years after taking over the Limapela Cedric’s School seems an appropriate time to take stock, assess and evaluate. Tempting as it is to measure progress by assessing numbers, income, buildings or other infrastructural development, we know that the only really valid progress must be in terms of learning and character building. Rob Bellingham, who was with us in Zambia for 6 weeks, has all but completed a three- year internal assessment and it would seem we are indeed making progress!

Please continue to support our monthly operational costs through fee and salary sponsorship. Salaries and wages were increased substantially in July, so we need to find more sponsors until profits from agri-business become a reality.

Library and Information-Technology

The foundations are now being laid and we would like the building itself to go ahead in January. About 20% of the budget for the building itself has already been given, and about 50% has been applied for from the Beit Trust. The remaining NZ$23,000 (US$19,000) still needs to be raised.

Library foundations being built

Primary Building Refurbishment

This project started earlier this year, and a total of NZ$33,000 (US$27,150) is needed to complete it — installation of ceilings, new furniture, painting, plumbing and electricity. The building has been looking decidedly shabby, and the work is long overdue.

Toilet and Ablution Block

We are grateful to The Rotary Clubs of Kitwe and Canberra for taking on the fundraising for this project. A good proportion of the needed total of NZ$76,800 (US$63,200) has already been pledged, but the Matching Grant application cannot be submitted to Rotary International until the target has been reached. Contact us if you would like to donate, and remember that your donation will be matched 50 cents to the dollar if the application is successful.


The irrigation system from the Kamfinsa River will soon be operational, and 1,700 banana trees are about to be planted within the electric security fencing that has been installed around a hectare of land.

The roof is about to be put on the chicken house and a substantial vegetable garden has been established. Adequate funding for these projects has been provided for the time being, thanks to the New Zealand Government and a private donor in Kitwe.

Volunteers and Project Workers

As our team grows, we need more housing. We will welcome Thomas Duxfield on 4 November for another three months in Zambia. We are very pleased that teacher Gemma Stewart will return for up to two years after her trip to New Zealand for Christmas. Alison and I will also be in New Zealand for Christmas.

— Matthew F. Raymond, Trustee