The Limapela Foundation

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22 March 2012

Opening of New Secondary Building

The rain stopped just in time on 17 February, and the official opening turned into a very happy occasion. Mr Bill Osborn, representing The Beit Trust, unveiled the plaque which gives credit to The Beit Trust and the many others who made the building possible.

Opening ceremony for new classrooms

The building has set the benchmark for future development in terms of quality and style — parents and community members did not imagine that classrooms would look so attractive. Well, they can, and they should!


Challenges and Problems

One of our supporters wrote in a recent email message, “I admire your seemingly boundless energy and great vision. You seldom seem to mention any real problems, though I’m sure you have your share of such.” Well, this set me thinking. Generally speaking, the encouragements far outweigh the frustrations, but, yes John, we do have our share of them! So, just to remind you all that we are indeed human, this month I would like to share five of them:


Well, we learn good lessons from difficult experiences! And it is worth it for the sake of these young people you see in the photographs. Please keep supporting The Limapela Foundation. The needs are ongoing — personnel, more buildings, electrification costs, books, furniture, fee sponsorship and better salaries for our teachers, to name a few. And if you are a praying supporter, pray for us! We know our God is both faithful and gracious.

—Matthew F. Raymond, Trustee